Environmental, Social, and Governance is unique in being private sector-led, creating social value and delivering positive environmental impact.

As customers have actively responded to environmental and social challenges, company boards have sought to make their products and operations more sustainable, meanwhile investors have looked to ESG frameworks and principles to mitigate risk. As ESG markets have grown with little regulatory guidance and oversight, greenwashing and other issues have flourished, necessitating a response from policymakers. However, responding in a manner that encompasses entire supply chains and does not negatively affect businesses, particularly smaller companies, requires broad discussion and consultation with a diverse range of stakeholders.

The Policy Liaison Group (PLG) on ESG engages with civil society, industry and the financial sector to deepen parliamentarians’ understanding of both value-creation and risk in a sustainability context. The UK economy continues to progress towards greener and more socially responsible practices, creating new investment opportunities while meeting wider public policy objectives. The PLG’s mission is to accelerate this process by informing parliamentarians about ESG, supporting the roll-out of necessary policy initiatives and regulatory mechanisms by building consensus between diverse stakeholders.

The PLG holds regular roundtables and evidence sessions, ranging from broad to specific topics, enabling parliamentarians and industry stakeholders to gain a comprehensive insight into how ESG tools, frameworks, and practices can drive progress.

The PLG aims to achieve the following:

The PLG holds regular roundtables and evidence sessions on both broad and specific topics, enabling parliamentarians to gain comprehensive insight into how ESG tools, frameworks, and practices can drive progress.  
  • Highlight the numerous challenges companies and investors face in adopting and applying ESG principles and frameworks, and what government needs to do to help meet them.
  • Demonstrate to key stakeholders ESG’s fundamental role in supporting the delivery of public policy objectives, such as achieving net zero, raising equality and diversity, and helping ensure the resilience of UK businesses.
  • Support the development and implementation of effective, low-burden disclosure and reporting frameworks to give investors confidence and make ESG reporting more accessible for smaller companies.
  • Help the UK become an ESG world leader and a global green finance centre.